Amazing Race

Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 3 – “Mental Mistakes Trip Up Another Team”, Part 1 – The Mark & Bill Interview

BILL: I have no idea what will get shown, but we certainly make references.  I hope some will make in on the air.

DON:  Once you arrived, did you notice anyone ‘geekier?’

MARK: Not even close. I felt like I was racing against the past year’s covers of GQ. I looked at Bill and said “Yep, we’re the fat guys”. I could also sense that none of them had ever finished any of the Final Fantasy games.

BILL:  No, but I think that Anita and Arthur (the hippies) have a certain geek-like nature to them.  While they’re not into technology and comics and SF like us, they’re very into their own not-quite-mainstream way of living, and I like that a lot.  Their mastery of stinging insects also impresses me.

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