Amazing Race

Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 3 – “Mental Mistakes Trip Up Another Team”, Part 1 – The Mark & Bill Interview

DON:  How have video games or comic books prepared you for ‘the Race’?

MARK: Comic books and games inspire you to be creative, and adaptable.  They probably helped us most with looking at things from different, creative angles.

BILL: Comic books are frequently about ordinary people who suddenly find themselves forced into extraordinary situations.  If you spent a lot of time reading comics as a kid, you probably spent a fair bit of time imagining yourself in those situations:  “What if it was me who got bitten by the radioactive spider?”  “What if I could fly?”  And that kind of “what if” thinking can really help you not get stopped by “what is”.  Our getting on the race pretty much was the answer to the question “What if it was me on The Amazing Race?”  Video games can get you used to the idea of having to make decisions quickly, which certainly helps, but there are no extra lives and no cheat codes on The Amazing Race.

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