Amazing Race

Amazing Race – Bringing up the Rear: Season 13, Episode 3 – “Mental Mistakes Trip Up Another Team”, Part 1 – The Mark & Bill Interview

MARK: Interviews are a constant fact of life on the Race. They catch them whenever and as often as they can.

BILL:  Most of the talking head bits are done at the pit stops (you can sometimes see the scenery of the place), but there are other interviews

EJ:  I was shocked to see that “Treasurer for the San Diego Comic-Con” wasn’t your full-time job.  That seems like a massive undertaking.  I suppose this is not actually a question.

MARK: Parts of the year it is, most of the time it isn’t. I consider it my way of contributing to the industry and help it succeed and thrive. That and the power. I’m sort of drunk with power. I’ll take this opportunity to say “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”.

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