Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 8 (Sep 3)

Julie Chen is dressed like an Eight Ball tonight.  Hopefully, it’s a magic one.

After a flashback of the veto meeting, Kevin says it went perfect with Jeff and Jordan up on the block together.  Jordan is depressed.  Natalie is celebrating in the DR and with Kevin, all gloating and annoying.  She says sending Jeff to Jury is her “present to Jessie”.

Jordan feels bad that Jeff has to go to Jury and so does Jeff, who is clearly dreading having to spend time with those he sent packing.  They get a plucky piano ballad accompanying their commiserating and Jeff encouraging Jordan to get to the final two and win the money.  Jordan asks if Jeff is going to give her a big goodbye kiss on the live show.  He says “maybe we’ll kiss it out beforehand.”

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