Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 8 (Sep 3)

The all-important HOH is underway.  It called “fact or fiction” and Nat, Michele and Jordan have big panels between them so they can’t see each other.  The entire premise, which we’ve seen before, is whether a statement Julie makes about departed houseguests is true or false.  The saddest thing we learn is that Casey has taken to selling banana themed merchadise online since his eviction.  Actually, the saddest part would be that he is able to find people who want to buy that crap.  Jordan gets the first question right and maintains a one point lead until the 6th question, at which point Michele ties her and then Natalie forces the tie breaker by getting the 7th and final question right.  So it comes down to how many cans all the houseguests combined had in their tubes at the end of can-dropping HOH.

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