Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 8 (Sep 3)

We visit the jury house, where Lydia has dyed her hair black and made Jessie a drink.  He questions whether or not it’s poisoned.  Jessie says the jury house has been fun with Lydia, but his tone indicated otherwise.  For her part, she says she has a little crush on Jessie and it may have gotten bigger.  May have?  They wait in the living room for the next evictee to arrive and both hope it’s Jeff.  Jessie makes fun of Jeff’s voice. Oh, zing!  You really burned him, Jessie! Russell walks in, shouting “Technotronics” several times.  Both greet him with hugs.  Russell tells them about how he got backdoored, and then says Natalie has a good chance.  Jessie makes a face, then breaks the news, which he apparently broke to Lydia recently, about Nat being 24 rather than 18.  Russ is SHOCKED.  They seem really pissed at her.  Russ and Jessie both say they would actually vote for Jeff at F2, but of course Jessie has to make it all about him, and repeats his assertion that any move to get him out of the game is the best one a person could make.

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