Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 8 (Sep 3)

Jeff DRs that he has to go work on Natalie, who then immediately shuts him down in the kitchen.  Kevin is watching on the HOH viewscreen and mulling over how untrustworthy Natalie can really be and whether he wants to keep his fate with her.  For her part, Nat seems to be considering turning on Kevin, but she DRs that Jeff will have to offer her a better deal than what he’s got on the table at the moment, whatever that is.

In nightvision, Jeff and Jordan lie in bed and discuss what kind of goodbye kiss they will have.  The whole thing sort of reminds me of when Drew Barrymore was debating the idea of “church tongue” with Christine Taylor and Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer. If you like them, it’s adorable; if you don’t, it’ll make you want to hurl.

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