Big Brother

Big Brother 11: Eviction, Week 8 (Sep 3)

Out in the yard, Michele and Jeff debate how they can sway Natalie, and come up with offering her a free HOH for her vote to keep him in.  He tells Nat he’ll “lay down”.  Jeff promises he and Michele will throw the competition, giving her a “free pass” to the final three.  I can’t remember anyone ever begging that blatantly before, and it’s really pretty amazing.

Now, an interview with Michele’s husband Tim, in El Paso.  He recounts their first date, and says she brought a book and friends along, to insure she wouldn’t stay out too late because she had class the next day.  He backs up the footage that proves Michele is clumsy and sort of forgetful.  Chima is shown saying “she might be a neuroscientist but she’s a dumbass”.  We then see Tim watch Michele breaking down, which is sort of brutal.  He’s confident that she’s a good competitor and can win the game.

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