Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

Flashback of the veto meeting.  I like how Michelle wore her work clothes to the POV meeting.  Casey is amazed at the lack of outrage over his nomination and calls Ronnie “teflon Ron”.  Ronnie grins like an idiot in the living room and cheers for himself in the DR, gloating and calling us all “suckas”.  Jeff and his cute glasses says this fuels his fire.  Let’s hope so, Jeff.  Jessie says Casey’s a threat.  Casey, in the backyard, calls it “the season of the dork”.  Hee.  Jordan calls Ronnie “Jessie’s bitch”.  Jeff joins Casey and Jordan to vent about Jessie’s weasley ways.  Next we see Lydia head up to the HOH and climb in bed with Jessie…to watch him sleep.  It’s as creepy as it sounds.  In the DR, she talks about how she hopes he never does her wrong, because she could get revenge.  Wow, she might be a little nuts, guys. Like a tatooed version of Isla Fischer’s Wedding Crashers character.

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