Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

In his exit, Casey lectures Jessie (who’s so short!) about keeping his word and, like a yippy little dog, Natalie has to jump in and say Casey stabbed Jessie in the back first, I think, on the Chima vote?  Casey rightly asks if Natalie is Jessie’s “pitbull”.  When she continues talking, Casey tells her to “go make Jessie a sandwich” which is pretty funny.  I really like Casey, despite his annoying voice.  He leaves the house to rousing applause.

As we cut back inside the house briefly, Natalie is STILL talking about Casey going back on his word and everyone kind of wants her to drop it.  She and Lydia hug, so I guess, everything’s good now?  Jessie and Kevin hug, too, and poor Kevin just looks perturbed.  Then, someone swears and they all freak out, pointing at each other.

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