Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

When given a change to state their cases, the nominees take different approaches.  Jordan is sweet and maybe running for homecoming court. On the other hand, Casey calls Ronnie a “dorkapotmus with a God complex”, which Ronnie seems just tickled about.  He calls Jessie a “self absorbed egomaniac with the personality and IQ, ironically enough, of a banana.”  HA!  He goes on to say what backstabbers they are and that he’s done nothing to anyone there to deserve the eviction, and that by doing what Ronnie and Jessie say they are all being “sheep”.  It’s really quite an impressive speech and even features the word “anonymity”.  And, also, “holla”.  So, ya know.  Both Lydia’s and Jordan’s eyes are bugging out of their heads at Casey’s candor.

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