Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

Jeff votes to evict Casey.  Ronnie says he ecstatic to evict “the sore loser, midlife crisis havin'” Casey,  Natalie high fives Ronnie on her way in and votes to evict “the bitter banana Casey”.  Chima votes to evict Casey without any clever adjectives, which is disappointing considering she’s the writer.  Russell comes in and says he’s “staying true to his word” by evicting Jordan.  Hmmm.  Michelle votes Casey, and that’s all he needs.  Lydia’s put on some weird plastic mustache (perhaps in honor of Laura?) and votes to evict Casey while “twisting” it.  She is so freakin’ weird.  Kevin apologizes, but votes Casey as well.  So, it’s 7-1, and Casey’s gone.

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