Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

Back live, Julie asks Casey about the banana costume, and he says it shows off his tan.  She turns to Ronnie and asks if he was surprised not to be nominated after last week’s debacle, and he says he’s not so much surprised, but happy to see how people’s actions in the house show how they really are as a person, whatever that means.  Julie asks for names and he declines.  She calls out Lydia and Natalie about their fights and asks if it’s really just about beds.  Jessie makes faces, since he loves the attention.  Lydia acts coy, and Julie calls her on it.  She grills Natalie–actually, really presses her on it–but she still refuses to say that Jessie is the real reason they want to claw each other’s eyes out.  Lydia “pleads the fifth”.  Oh, whatever.  And nice hair tonight, Lydia.  Julie congratulates Michelle and shows the house footage of her swinging into the pig slop to get her Veto.  Everyone cackles.

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