Big Brother

Big Brother Eviction: Week 3

Casey DRs about his plans to rally votes and, hysterically, his ears are sticking out of his banana costume.  I assume they got hot in there.  Kevin is onboard with helping Casey stay.  Next, Bananaman meets with Russell and informs him tht he’s #4 amongst the athletes.  Russell feels he’s #2, but Casey is successful in planting a few seeds of doubt.

Now, a package on Jeff and Jordan’s showmance.  Michelle, Natalie and Chima all try to convince Jordan to date Jeff.  In North Carolina, her adorable family (mom & grandpa) talk about how sweet Jordan is.  Jeff’s Dad in Chicago talks about how he’s acting like he acts at home.  His mom thinks maybe he’s met his future wife.  Jordan’s mom thinks they’d make pretty babies.  Well, sure.

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