Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

–Hey, the Pirate Captain!  Strangely, he’s never been given a name.  So, Jonas Jr. is in space – remember in Phantom Limb’s plan, JJ was supposed to suffocate while working on his space station, so clearly he did the research.  Definitely makes it seem like he was just on the edge of enacting his murderous revenge.  Another great Shore Leave bit as he and the Captain argue about Degrassi and shouts out “SPHINX!” even thought nobody said it, because “it was implied”.

–The scenes with Billy and Monstroso are a bit weird.  In retrospect, it’s pretty clear that Monstroso is being intentionally vague and letting Billy jump to his own conclusions.  A lot of this episode is based on Billy not quite understanding what’s going on and nobody correcting him (or the viewer).  But Monstroso’s sneaky like that.

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