Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

“Those women were prostitutes.  They would have said they were Charlie’s Angels if you wanted them to.” – Monstroso

In the panic room, Hatred and White are in sleeping bags.  Hatred talks about Billy and refers to him as White’s best friend.  White says that Billy isn’t his best friend – it’s Doc.  Hatred thinks White just says that because Doc is famous.  The pirate ship reaches the Investor’s headquarters, a giant spider-shaped craft.  Hunter sends Brock and Shore Leave in – Brock in a wet suit, Shore Leave only in “genital formalwear” – a tuxedo thong.  Meanwhile, Billy signs his contract and says he’s ready to become a vampire.  Monstroso finally asks what he’s talking about with all the vampire talk.  What Billy signed was a medical school diploma, Monstroso’s gift to him.  And the vampire brides were just regular prostitutes.  Monstroso was talking about immortality because Billy is going to save his life by transplanting King Gorilla’s heart.

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