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Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

And now that you know his deal, let’s get to “The Silent Partners”.

“I told you that I went to Stanford.  And that I studied under Dr. Johns Hopkins… berg.  Dr. Johns Hopkinsberg!  At the Stanford University…” – Billy Quizboy

The episode opens at St. Sebastian’s Medical Center.  Billy Quizboy is there, and everybody calls him “Dr. Donahue”.  One doctor compliments his surgical technique and credits him with saving a patient’s life.  In fact, Dr. Donahue is getting a promotion, but they don’t have all of his paperwork in order.  Billy, who is not a doctor, tries to cover and then runs away when nobody is looking.  He runs into a patient’s room and tries to jump out the window, but then notices something.  It’s King Gorilla’s room, and he’s yelling at the unspeaking men from General Consolidated Insurance.  “A deal’s a deal,” he yells.  One of them reaches into King’s chest and pulls out his still-beating heart.  They disappear into the floor, but not before one of them notices Billy and gives him a grim smile.

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