Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

–Monstroso!  They heavily implied that Brock and 21 killed him back in “Pinstripes and Poltergeists”, but he somehow survived.  He talks about immortality, which builds on Billy’s fear that the investors are vampires.  And note that they took the time to put Billy in his Rusty Venture pajamas.  That’s kind of adorable.

–I like the bit where Shore Leave forgets to say “SPHINX” because he’s distracted, so everybody just waits for him.  I also like Sgt. Hatred’s bunion talk.  And did you notice Hank and Dean through the Panic Room window?  That’s all you get from them this week!

“Captain Cuckoo here named his boat after Manny Santos on Degrassi.” – Shore Leave

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