Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

Monstroso signs a contract, and the Investors lead him to bed.  Billy waits in his bedroom, and then three women crawl out from under the covers.  They tell him that they’re vampires, and he asks them to refrain from biting.  They begin to pleasure him, and at that moment, foam starts spraying out of his robot hand – Shore Leave was able to activate the homing beacon, and also the fire extinguisher.  Later, the Investors enter Billy’s bedroom.  He’s stripped to his underwear and covered in foam.  They gesture for him, and Billy knows it’s time.

–This didn’t jump out at me the first time, but the women don’t claim to be vampires until Billy suggests it first.  Billy’s all kinds of confused about what’s going on.  And man, this is clearly the season of gettin’ some.  Hank lost his virginity, 21 made out with Dr. Girlfriend, and Billy Quizboy had a fourway.  We also learned that the Alchemist hooked up with Shore Leave.  Good for them!  Except for the stuff that’s creepy, which is really most of it.

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