Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

–And just for the heck of it, according to the credits, the doctor talking to Billy is “Dr. Odinson”.  In the early days of Marvel’s Thor series, Thor lived a dual life as Dr. Don Blake.  Thor would, of course, be “the Odin son”.  Since Jackson and Doc love their Silver Age Marvel comics, I’m counting that as an intentional Thor reference.

“Robo-Bo!  Our robotic butler slash manservant in the imposing, yet familiar guise of Bo Duke.  Don’t act like we didn’t talk about this.” – Pete White

Back at Conjectural Technologies, Billy is panicking.  He recognized those guys, and he says they have to give all the money back.  White is not worried, though.  He spends their money on video games and a robotic Bo Duke – the Robo-Bo.  Billy is sure that they’re vampires and they’re going to come and suck his blood.  The investors arrive, so Billy goes out to try and assure them it’s a misunderstanding.  He tells Pete to promise that he won’t let them make him a vampire.  Billy screams, and when Pete runs outside, Billy and the investors are gone.

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