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Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

–We last saw St. Sebastian’s in the season premiere – that’s where they took Doc when his brain shut down.  And before that, we saw it in Lost.  King Gorilla also last appeared in that episode, and the guys from General Consolidated Insurance appeared at the State University graduation ceremony in “Pomp and Circuitry”.  (I’m so excited about how right I’m going to turn out to be…)  This is the first we’ve seen that Billy is impersonating a doctor in his free time.  In Season Three’s “The Invisible Hand of Fate”, that was his dream, but he never even graduated college because OSI used him as a secret agent and then wiped his mind.  We have, however, seen him perform surgery.  He fixed Dean’s testicular torsion, he reattached Dr. Venture’s arm, and he grafted Councilman Three’s head on Eight’s body.  He knows what he’s doing.  It’s sort of adorable that he’s sneaking around as a fake doctor.

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