Venture Bros.

Venture Brothers – The Silent Partners – Venture Bro

–And it all comes together.  Nobody but Billy has brought up vampires this whole time, because he just jumped to a conclusion.  The Investors took King Gorilla’s heart because that was their deal – release from prison in exchange for his heart when he died.  According to Monstroso, the paper work is all legal and Billy is now actually a doctor, which is awfully nice of him.  Billy complains that he always gets abducted to perform illegal surgeries, which is what happened when Phantom Limb forced him to attach Councilman Three’s head to Eight’s body.  I really like the scene with Hatred and White – White is exceptionally bitchy here.  I can’t imagine Doc would consider him his best friend, and that’s always a sad situation.  Also, the way Hatred recounts the events of “The Revenge Society”, it appears he just cuddled Billy all night.  The episode left it vague as to whether something unseemly happened to Billy.  And while that’s not a best case scenario, it beats the alternative.

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